: Zoom wants some employees to work at the office two days a week


Zoom Video Communications Inc. ZM, -0.38% is requiring employees who live within 50 miles of a company office to work there at least two days a week in a “structured hybrid approach,” Business Insider reported. The policy marks a dramatic change for Zoom, which as recently as last year said fewer than 2% of its employees would work from an office. “We believe that a structured hybrid approach — meaning employees that live near an office need to be onsite two days a week to interact with their teams — is most effective for Zoom. As a company, we are in a better position to use our own technologies, continue to innovate, and support our global customers,” a company spokesperson said in an email to MarketWatch. “We’ll continue to leverage the entire Zoom platform to keep our employees and dispersed teams connected and working efficiently.”

This article was originally published by Marketwatch.com. Read the original article here.

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