Personal Finance Daily: Will your home insurance cover these winter disasters and the top 3 places to invest in real estate today


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These are the top 3 places to invest in real estate today

Investing in overseas real estate means you can have the life you want and live in and own homes that make money. Read More

As Supreme Court weighs abortion, here’s the true cost of traveling out of state to access one — or being denied altogether

‘I was naive and thought it would be easier — I didn’t think I would have to travel to Colorado Springs.’ Read More

Will your insurance cover these winter home disasters?

Here are four common types of winter-related home damage and how you can prevent them, plus how home insurance works if you can’t. Read More

How to avoid long lines at the airport—without paying for it

Speed through security or jump to the front of the line—and your credit card may cover the cost. Read More

‘My uncle accessed my father’s bank accounts while he was dying’: He also took his house keys, truck, wallet and personal papers. What can we do?

‘My dad has a small life-insurance policy, a 401(k), a small pension, totaling less than $100,000.’ Read More

I bought my home for $30,000, and now it’s worth almost $3 million. How can I avoid a massive tax bill?

Capital gains aren’t the only factor to consider in anticipating the tax burden of an inherited home. Read More

One group of Americans claim to tip more during the holiday season — and they’re not millennials

Eighty-seven percent of consumers also said shopping at small businesses it important to them. Read More

Greenpeace wants donors to take a cue from ‘Succession’ and embrace ‘spite philanthropy’

The environmental justice group hopes to turn a fictional confrontation on HBO’s ‘Succession’ between Cousin Greg and his grandfather into real-world donations. Read More

Texas fraudster sentenced for stealing $1.6M in COVID-19 relief money to pay for Lamborghini, strip club visits

Prosecutors say Lee Price III claimed to have dozens of workers in loan applications but that he employed no one. Read More

‘Don’t freak out’: Omicron is bound to disrupt supply chains. The question is, how bad will it be?

Businesses may be better equipped to deal with supply-chain disruptions stemming from the omicron variant because of their experience with delta, one economist said. Read More

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