Personal Finance Daily: Where and how to charge an electric car for free, and will the IRS give me a tax break on my Super Bowl gambling losses?


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Skip the candy and flowers on Valentine’s Day for this valuable gift that won’t cost you a penny

Your time and attention is much more meaningful and benefits your relationship. Read More

Will the IRS give me a tax break on my Super Bowl gambling losses?

Super Bowl betting could break records as more states allow legal sports wagering. Read More

AI dominating the action in the stock market right now

Also: a detailed look at Germany’s energy transformation, cheap oil stocks and how to invest when the yield curve is inverted. Read More

‘Cash is the cool kid on the block’: High-yield savings accounts, Treasury Bills, money market funds, and CDs — here’s where your cash can earn up to 4.5%

As a super-safe alternative to equity markets, these investment vehicles are positioned to reap higher yields from higher interest rates. Read More

‘I’ll be single this Valentine’s Day’: My dinner date went downhill fast. He ‘forgot’ his wallet and took the receipt for his taxes. What should I have done?

‘The restaurant didn’t offer Apple Pay. I did not think of Venmo, so I offered to pick up the $130 tab.’ Read More

Biden’s State of the Union highlighted ‘near record-low’ Black unemployment. Here’s the full story.

‘In many ways, he was actually being too modest,’ said William Spriggs, chief economist at the AFL-CIO. Read More

To help protect older loved ones from scams, it helps to understand you’re vulnerable, too

Here are common risk factors and types of scams that can guide a multigenerational conversation about fraud to make everyone more resilient against scams. Read More

Where and how to charge an electric car for free

There are several convenient ways to recharge without spending any money — and an essential first step involves using the power of your smartphone. Read More

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