Personal Finance Daily: How to know when to start buying stocks again and where to watch the Super Flower Blood Moon total lunar eclipse this weekend


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Where to watch the Super Flower Blood Moon total lunar eclipse this weekend

Here’s what time the lunar eclipse starts, the best time to see the blood moon, where to stream it online, and more. Read More

Musk’s ‘bizarre tweet’ is the latest reminder that retail investors eyeing Twitter should proceed with caution

Musk’s ‘temporarily on hold’ tweet sent Twitter’s trading volume over 65-day averages Read More

Weekend reads: How to know when to start buying stocks again

Also, nuts-and-bolts explanations of what has been happening with bitcoin and stablecoins. Read More

Goop’s $120 diapers were supposed to ‘piss us off,’ Gwyneth Paltrow says

The gem-encrusted ‘Diapérs’ are a fake product designed to call out the luxury tax many states place on diapers Read More

Medical debt declined during the pandemic, but that’s partly because many Americans delayed health care due to COVID-19

The drop was fueled by expanded Medicaid enrollments, temporary financial aid and people avoiding going to the doctor. Read More

How to negotiate a car contract without getting burned

Dealers may pad a contract with extra fees and products without telling you. They also can make mistakes that can cost you. Here’s what to watch for. Read More

10 gorgeous national parks to add to your must-visit list

There’s a reason millions of people head to these beautiful parks every year. Here are the best places to get your outdoors on. Read More

Bad lesson: Accounting professor at Drexel University charged with allegedly using creative bookkeeping to evade millions in taxes

Professor Gordian Ndubizu is accused of keeping phony books for a pharmacy business he ran and wiring profits overseas to avoid paying taxes. Read More

Alexander Skarsgard Selling His Place in NYC for $2.6M

“The Northman” star Alexander Skarsgard is placing his East Village apartment on the market for $2.6 million, according to Architectural Digest. Read More

Could we ever really get a 4-day work week in the U.S.?

Almost 80% of employees with a 4-day work week said they were happier and less stressed out. Read More

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