: Nasdaq tells Bed Bath & Beyond it’s running afoul of listing guidelines, retailer says


Troubled home-goods retailer Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. BBBY, -3.81% on Thursday said it received a notice from Nasdaq saying the chain was not in compliance with requirements for continued listing on the exchange. The retailer said it received the notice because it had not yet filed its quarterly report for the period ended Nov. 26 with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Bed Bath & Beyond said it received that notice on Jan. 12. The company has until March 13 to submit a plan to get back within the boundaries of Nasdaq’s listing rules. If Nasdaq accepts that plan, the exchange can give Bed Bath & Beyond up to 180 days from the report’s due date, or July 10, to file that report. The notice had no “immediate effect” on investors’ ability to trade shares, the company said. Shares fell 1.3% after hours. The stock is down 72% over the past 12 months, amid concerns over a potential bankruptcy filing.

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