: Meta job cuts could match last year’s: report


Facebook parent Meta Platforms Inc. META, -1.20% reportedly plans to cut its staff at about the same level as last year’s layoffs, which affected 13% of the company’s workforce, or 11,000 employees. The Wall Street Journal reported the news Friday, citing unnamed sources who said the cuts will be made in multiple rounds over the coming months, and could have about the same impact as the cuts Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg announced in November. The slashing is expected to affect non-engineering roles most, the Journal reported, after Bloomberg published a report about more job cuts at the company earlier this week. Before the 11,000 cuts announced last year, Meta had about 87,000 employees as of October 2022. A company spokesperson did not immediately return a request for comment Friday.

This article was originally published by Marketwatch.com. Read the original article here.

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