JD.com sends more than 100 autonomous vehicles to Shanghai to help during lockdown


JD.com Inc. JD, -2.95% is sending more than 100 autonomous vehicles to Shanghai to help the city, which is under a strict lockdown due to a COVID-19 outbreak, with customer order deliveries, mobile cabin hospitals, and more. About 50 indoor delivery robots are being sent to help with the effort as well. “With AI technology and multiple sensors, the robots can recognize and avoid obstacles, plan its route to the destination automatically and drive on public roads without human interaction,” the company said in the announcement. JD’s first autonomous vehicle was introduced in 2016. JD has previously pledged to give 16 million items, including rice, oil and flour, to Shanghai residents. JD.com stock has slumped 25.4% over the last year. Read also: Walmart and Domino’s among the companies using drones and self-driving vehicles to address delivery challenges

This article was originally published by Marketwatch.com. Read the original article here.

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