Federal judge signals openness to Trump request for special master to review Mar-a-Lago files


Federal judge Aileen Cannon late Saturday set a hearing for Thursday, Sept. 1, on Donald Trump’s request that a special master be appointed to review the documents and other materials recovered by the FBI during a search of the former president’s private club in Palm Beach, Fla., rather than allow the FBI to continue its review of the seized material. Cannon, a Trump appointee, had responded to the initial request from Trump’s legal team by asking for clarification of the remedy being sought and the reason her court was being called upon to weigh in rather than asking the magistrate judge who had approved the Mar-a-Lago search warrant to consider the appointment of a special master, leading critics to argue Trump had forum shopped in search of a friendlier judge.

This article was originally published by Marketwatch.com. Read the original article here.

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