Coronavirus tally: White House unveils more steps to make antiviral Paxlovid more accessible across U.S.


The White House on Thursday announced more steps to make the antiviral treatment Paxlovid more accessible across the U.S. as it projects COVID-19 infections will continue to spread over the summer travel season, the Associated Press reported.
The nation’s first federally backed test-to-treat site is opening Thursday in Rhode Island, providing patients with immediate access to the drug once they test positive. More federally supported sites are set to open in the coming weeks in Massachusetts and New York City, both hit by a marked rise in infections.
The news comes as COVID cases continue to rise across the U.S. and trend at the highest levels seen since February, when the first omicron wave was starting to ebb. The U.S. is averaging 110,084 cases a day, up 26% from two weeks ago, according to a New York Times tracker. The country is averaging 26,110 hospitalizations a day, up 29% from two weeks ago. The daily death toll has fallen to 358 on average, up 12% from two weeks ago. Cases are higher in nearly every state, and there are concerns that case numbers are even higher, as many people are now testing at home and the data is not being collected. On a global basis, total cases are now above 527.9 million. Total deaths are above 6.28 million, according to data aggregated by Johns Hopkins University, with the U.S. still leading the way with 83.8 million cases and 1,004,122 deaths.

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