Coronavirus tally: Study finds long COVID is costing Americans about $170 billion a year in lost wages


Some 16 million Americans of working age have long-term COVID and about 2 to 4 million are not working as they struggle with their symptoms, according to a new report from the Brookings Institution. Using data gathered by the Census Bureau in June, the report found the annual cost of lost wages is equal to about $170 billion a year and could be as high as $230 billion. Researchers wrote that the economic burden caused by long COVID will continue to rise. The news comes as U.S. known cases of COVID are continuing to ease, although the true tally is likely higher given how many people are testing at home, where the data are not being collected. The daily average for new cases stood at 91,400 on Thursday, according to a New York Times tracker, down 14% from two weeks ago. The daily average for hospitalizations was down 9% at 39,071, while the daily average for deaths is down 3% to 460. Globally, the confirmed case tally rose above 599.4 million on Friday, according to data aggregated by Johns 2Hopkins, while the death toll is above 6.48 million with the U.S. leading the world with 94 million cases and 1,043,089 deaths.

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