Coronavirus tally: New cases keep falling below the 100,000-per day threshold, hit 2-month low


The seven-day average for new COVID-19 cases fell further below the 100,000-per day threshold, to hit the lowest count seen since June 21. The daily average for new cases was 96,275 on Thursday, down from 98,337 on Wednesday and down 19% from two weeks ago, according to a New York Times tracker. Only four states have seen cases increase from two weeks ago: Michigan, up 15%; South Carolina, up 10%; Tennessee, up 5%; and Mississippi, up 1%. The daily average for hospitalizations was 41,256 on Thursday, down 6% from two weeks ago, while were 4,868 in intensive-care units (ICUs), down 3% from two weeks ago. The daily average for deaths is down 3% from two weeks ago to 475, but has stayed above 450 since Aug. 1.

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