Can an SPR release reduce gasoline prices? If so, when? Tune in at noon Eastern.


Tom has covered downstream oil markets for over 40 years, and was among the founders of OPIS. A magna cum laude graduate of St. Francis University, Tom has a degree in English and has analyzed crude oil, refined products, and gas liquids for parts of four decades. He has also written commentary for Marketwatch and is a regular guest commentator for Bloomberg Financial Markets and NPR Marketplace.

He provides unbiased and expert commentary for print and electronic media during times of oil volatility, and is regularly quoted in virtually every U.S. and international periodical. He has commented specifically on OPEC matters and U.S. gasoline and diesel prices for the BBC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, CBS News, and ABC. He is also a frequent guest lecturer on fuel price economics at a number of colleges and universities as well as for key petroleum associations. He has also appeared live on camera in energy forums for CNBC, Nightline, the CBS Morning Show, and Good Morning America.

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