: Amazon’s stock chart’s opening ‘gap’ is the biggest in more than 9 months


The big jump in ecommerce giant Amazon.com Inc.’s stock AMZN, +8.27% Friday in the wake of second-quarter results, suggests investors were the most surprised by Amazon news in more than nine months. The 9.4% upside gap in the stock chart, between Thursday’s closing price of $128.91 and Friday’s opening price of $141.06, was the biggest gap since the 11.8% downside gap between the Oct. 27, 2022 close ($110.96) and the Oct. 28 open ($97.91) after a disappointing holiday-season sales and profit outlook. For just upside gaps, Friday’s is the biggest since the 10.3% gap between the July 28, 2022 close ($122.28) and the July 29 open ($134.90) after second-quarter 2022 results. In afternoon trading on Friday, Amazon’s stock was slightly below where it opened, as it is rising 9.2% toward the highest close since Aug. 18, 2022. On Oct. 28, 2022, it closed well above where it opened, at down 6.8% at $103.41, and on July 29, 2022, it closed slightly above where it opened, as it gained 10.4% to $134.95.

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